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Tsolikouri, Kera Wine, 2011

This Tsolikouri wine from the village of Obcha was made in the Ghvaladze family’s traditional wine cellar in churi (western Georgian qvevri). It was not fermented in contact with the grape marc; it was instead allowed to ferment in the stainless steel vessels in which it was later kept. This Tsolikouri was made within the framework of the “Hearth of Wine” project run by the Wine Club, whose aim was to introduce Georgia’s best family-made wines to the market. The vineyard from which the grapes were picked for this wine grows on a slope. This wine, which was exclusively made from Tsolikouri grapes, is golden yellow in colour, lustrous, full-bodied and with a full taste. It is a perfect example of Tsolikouri wine from Obcha. A lively acidity, a bouquet replete with the rich aromas of fruit and herbs, and an unforgettable mineral finish. Would be the perfect accompaniment to boiled cold chicken, river fish, pkhali (beetroot and spinach lives with ground walnuts), cheese pie or a selection of cheeses. Serve chilled.

© Malkhaz Kharbedia/Georgian Wine Guide

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