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New Wine Festival 2015 participants are revealed

By Keto Ninidze

Selection stage of family wineries for New Wine Festival is over. An unprecedented number of wineries will take part in the festival this year. 55 winemakers will represent 72 varieties of wine from Kakheti, Kartli, Imereti and Racha regions. See the list below.

On April 25, in the village Chardakhi of Mtskheta district, "Georgian Wine Club" organized wine tasting to select family wineries. A committee consisting of 11 people which was composed of enologists, winemakers, winegrowers, writers and wine enthusiasts, gave positive feedback to most of wines out of 110 registered ones. The committee members were adviser of the chairman of National Wine Agency, Goga Tevzadze, president of the Wine Club, Malkhaz Kharbedia, director of New Wine Festival,  Iago Bitarishvili, enologists - Kakha Tchotiashvili, Nikoloz Natroshvili, Vano Shiukashvili, and Mikheil Meskhi, journalist and wine writer – Aleko Tskitishvili, wine club members and wine enthusiasts - Vano Stefanashvili and Avtandil Kobakhidze.

President of the Georgian Wine Club, Malkhaz Kharbedia notes that quality of wine submitted this year is higher compared to wine samples of last year. In addition, more and more people apply traditional qvevri method of winemaking each year. Actual and typical problems were identified, most of which are related to the hygienic norms of wine production process. Malkhaz Kharbedia said that the approach towards problem identification perhaps was a bit too liberal and the wines with minor problems passed the selection stage. However, if one of the diseases was identified in wine or hybrid wine was presented on behalf of Saperavi or Aladasturi, it was removed from the tasting. As Kharbedia mentioned in about a week after the New Wine Festival, "Georgian Wine Club" will organize a special meeting with the producers, who have not passed the selection stage. Individual wines as well as general problems that arose during testing will be discussed.

Most of the registered wines were white, majority of them were Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri Mtsvane, Chinuri and Tsolikouri. From red wines, mostly Saperavi and Tavkveri were presented. Merab Mirtskhulava, Gogi Dvalishvili, Giorgi Revazashvili and others were defined as stable participants of a new wine festival. The wines, which have passed the selection stage, will be presented at the new wine festival, on May 9, in the space for family wineries in the park of Deda Ena.

We want to remind that the New Wine Festival 2015 will return for the sixth time this year on May 9, 2015. The festival will feature about 120 participants including family-owned wineries (55 of them), small and large wine companies, various associations and other organizations. Especially interesting is the fact that shooting of the separate episodes of Levan Kitia film about the festival have already started. The film reflects the history of the festival since its inception. The film will soon be presented to the public.

We provide a complete list of wine-producing companies and family wineries, which will be presented on May 9, 2015 in New Wine Festival, in the park of Deda Ena:

Wine companies, small enterprenuers and other entities:

1.    Avtandil Bedenashvili manufaktur Kardenakhi
2.    Askaneli Brothers
3.    Assocciation Kvevri Wine:
Iberieli Ltd; 
Nikoladze's Family Wine Cellar ltd;
Gaioz Sopromadze's Wine Cellar;
Gogita Makaridze's Wine Cellar;
Archil Guniava's Wine Cellar;
Amiran Vepkhvadze's Wine Cellar;
Iago's Wine;
Zaza Darsavelidze's Wine Cellar;
Nikoloz Antadze's Wine Cellar;
Our Wine Ltd;
Aleksi Tsikhelishvili's Wine Cellar;
Beka Gotsadze's Wines;
Kakha Berishvilis's Wine Cellar;
Mariam Iosebidze's Wine Cellar;
Nika Bakhia's Wine Cellar;

4.    BabaneurisMarani
5.    Bagrationi 1882
6.    Chateau Telavi
7.    Corporation Kindzmarauli
8.    Cradle of wine
9.    Dergi
10.    Drujba
11.    Dugladze Wine company
12.    Ghvardzelashvili’s Cellar 
13.    Giuaani
14.    Goldengroup
15.    Imeretian wine company
16.    Jakeli Organic Vineyard and Wines Ltd.
17.    Kakhuri
18.    Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking
19.    Kerovani
20.    LEPL Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture
21.    Letre
22.    Lukasi
23.    Manaveli
24.    Naotari
25.    Naotrebi
26.    Nikala’s cellar
27.    Pheasants Tears
28.    Petriaant Marani
29.    Professional winery products
30.    Sagvareulo Marani
31.    Shalvino
32.    Satsnakheli
33.    Shumi
34.    Simon Chkheidze’s Wine Cellar
35.    Stori
36.    Tbilvino
37.    Teliani Velley
38.    Temi
39.    Tifliski Vini Pogreb
40.    Usakhelouri Vineyards
41.    Vaziani
42.    Vazi+
43.    V&D Usakhelouri
44.    Wine Tourism Association
45.    Winery Khareba


Family Wineries


Solomon Tetrashvili

Wine: Rkatsiteli 

George Chikhoria 
Wine: Rkatsiteli

Vakhtang Macharashvili 
Wine: Rkatsiteli 

Nukri Revishvili 
Wine: Rkatsiteli
Wine: Krakhuna 


Zaza Bakhsoliani
Wine: Rkatsiteli
Wine: Aleqsandrouli, Mujuretuli, Saperavi 

Giga Loladze
Wine: Muscat Rkatsiteli 

Zurab Zatuashvili
Wine: Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri mtsvane 

Rostomaant Marani
Wine: Rkatsiteli 
Wine: Saperavi

Merab Mirtskhulava
Wine: Saperavi
Wine: Tavkveri
Wine: Shavkapito
Wine: Rkatsiteli - Mtsvane Kakhuri 
Wine: Rkatsiteli

David Kapanadze
Wine: Rkatsiteli
Wine: Mtsvane

Vasil Nikolashvili
Wine: Saperavi

Aleksandre Kvernadze 
Wine: Saperavi
Wine: Asuretuli Shavi 

Bichiko Qoqiashvili 
Wine: Rkatsiteli 

Levan Zurashvili
Wine: Rkatrsiteli 

Givi Tavtetrishvili  
Wine: Saperavi 

Mikheil Madzgharashvili 
Wine: Kakhuri Mtsvane 

Ioseb Oqromchedlishvili 
Wine: Saperavi

Petre Betsukeli 
Wine: Rkatsiteli 

Erekle Loladze 
Wine : Saperavi Mukuzani 
Wine: Saperavi Khashmi  
Wine: Kakhuri Mtsvane 

Elguja Goderdzishvili 
Wine: Rkatsiteli 

Pavle Tavadze
Wine: Khikhvi    

Vakhtang Beruashvili 
Wine: Kisi
Wine: Khikhvi 

Gocha Ghulelauri 
Wine: Kakhuri Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli, Kisi, Khikhvi

Giorgi Chekurishvili 
Wine: Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane 

Beka Gremelashvili, Davit Gremelashvili 
Wine: Rkatsiteli (Mtsvane  25%)

Nodar Tchitchashvili 
Wine: Saperavi 

Giorgi Oghrapishvili 
Wine: Saperavi

Mikheil Darbaiseli 
Wine: Saperavi 

Aleksi Chankotadze 
Wine: Rkatsiteli 

Giorgi Gachechiladze 
Wine: Kisi, Rkatsiteli 

Ketevan Dushuashvili 
Wine: Saperavi 

Lasha Janelidze 
Wine: Manavis Mtsvane 

Besik Pirtskheliani 
Wine: Kisi, Rkatsiteli 

Mamuka Terterashvili 
Wine: Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli 

Tamaz Sarishvili 
Wine: Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane 

Aleks Bardanashvili 
Wine: Rkatsiteli

Giorgi Gogichaishvili 
Wine: Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane (filtered)
Wine: Rkatsiteli, mtsvane (unfiltered)

Vaja Kasrelishvili 
Wine: Saperavi 


Giorgi Revazashvili 
Wine: Atenuri 

Tamaz Alavidze, Guram Avqafishvili
Wine: Rkatsiteli 

Avtandil Darakhvelidze
Wine: Chinuri, Tavkveri    

Aleksandre Beruashvili
Wine: Chinuri

Ivane Maghlaferidze
Wine: Chinuri 

Ivane Ramazashvili 
Wine: Chinuri 

Gogi Dvalishvili 
Wine: Atenuri, Chinuri, Goruli Mtsvane 

Giorgi Kublashvili 
Wine: Chinuri

Beka AslaniSvili 
Wine: Chinuri 

Giorgi Latsabidze 
Wine: Shavkapito 

Rezo Vasadze 
Wine: Tavkveri
Wine: Rkatsiteli
Wine: Saperavi
Wine: Kakhuri Mtsvane 

Ilia Tigishvili
Wine: Chinuri


Zurab Ghvaladze
Wine: Tsolikouri
Wine: Tsitska-Tsolikouri

Baia Abuladze
Wine: Tsolikouri -Tsitska

Severian Ghambashidze 
Wine: Tsolikouri 


Kakhaber Vakhtangadze 
Wine: Rachuli Tetra 

Shorena Pataridze 
Wine: Mujuretuli, aleqsandrouli 

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