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May 14, New Wine Festival 2022 - participant wine companies and family cellars

New Wine Festival 2022 will be held on May 14 at Mtatsminda Park. The Festival is supported by the National Wine Agency and Tbilisi City Hall. Information support is provided by the Marani website (vinoge.com), Wine Information Center, Radio Utsnobi. The proud partners of the event include Mtatsminda Park, Wine Bar G.Vino, Wine Shop Network 8000 Vintages and the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, Leperti.

The New Wine Festival 2022 Declares Full Solidarity with Ukraine.

Charity event Georgian Winemaking in Support of Ukraine will be held as part of the New Wine Festival. Guests of the Festival will find special stickers on the wines of companies that have already transferred money to a charity account opened in support of Ukraine. The amount accumulated on the account is fully transferred to the Ukrainian People's Aid Fund.

Our valued Festival guests who choose to buy wine with a sticker on it, automatically join the Ukrainian people support project. If they wish to do charity, we recommend they focus on sticker wines among the wines presented at the Festival.

The planned charity currently applies to wine and other alcoholic beverages.

A bank account has already been opened to support the Ukrainian people. Anyone is free to transfer money to the account - both before and after the Festival.

The amount of money raised through charitable promotions will definitely be made public. The fund to which the money will be transferred will also be announced.

We hope that peace will soon be established in Ukraine and that Ukrainians will be able to continue working for the development of their country.

If you wish to transfer money to the charity account, please use the following bank details:


Bank Code - TBCBGE 22

Recipient: Georgian winemaking in support of the Ukrainian people, The Wine Club, Non-Commercial Legal Entity.

As always, the New Wine Festival attendance is free of charge.

New Wine Festival 2022 is delighted to offer the participants and guests to taste hundreds of new wines of the last harvest (2021), to actually meet the makers of these wines and make memories of new taste discoveries to cherish.

The main idea of ​​the New Wine Festival is to promote Georgian traditional Qvevri wine, discover new varieties and places, raise the level of wine education in Georgia and improve consumer culture.

Not just wine producers, but also Georgian and international wine professionals, wine writers, wine bars, restaurants and aficionados are looking forward to the New Wine Festival. By tradition, world-renowned wine masters, sommeliers, importers and wine writers save the date for the New Wine Festival, as they get ready to encounter the Georgian wines.

This year's New Wine Festival is ready to welcome all Georgian wine enthusiasts in Mtatsminda Park. On May 14, from 11:00 to 18:00, large wine companies from different parts of Georgia, medium and small wineries, along with family wineries will treat the Festival guests with the best wines of the last harvest (2021).

The perk of the New Wine Festival is the diversity and discovery of new flavors. Also, by meeting the winemakers in person, we can learn more about the wines we taste and like.

The New Wine Festival 2022 will kick off with a traditional Qvevri opening ceremony, accompanied by a song Mravaljamieri. By tradition, this Qvevri keeps the best wine made in a family cellar specially selected by the Wine Club.

The Festival door is open for all guests. They will enjoy good music - The Nali Band, Rezo Kiknadze Jazz Band, Geo Folk, fun program, and a lottery with the opportunity to win the boxes of the best wines.

New Wine Festival welcomes participant wine companies and family cellars:

Wine Companies    

  1. Agidela
  2. Agrida Winery
  3. Alexander Distillery
  4. Akriani
  5. Alvazi
  6. Artizani
  7. Baia’s Wine
  8. Brandwine Georgia
  9. Casreli
  10. Chalabriani
  11. Chona’s Marani
  12. Churi Chinebuli
  13. Corporation Kindzmarauli
  14. Eclipse
  15. Fazenda
  16. Gabrieli’s Wine
  17. Gelovani
  18. Georgian Wine House
  19. Georgian Wines (Rare)
  20. Goglas Wine
  21. Gura
  22. Guria Wines
  23. Guram Beruashvili’s Cellar
  24. Jakeli Wines
  25. Kardanakhi 1888
  26. Lamiskana Estate
  27. Loladze Family Winery
  28. Lomtadze Family Wiinery
  29. Margo
  30. Martali Wine
  31. Mildiani 
  32. Nikifore
  33. Old Tbilisi
  34. Ortomeli
  35. 39 Qvevri
  36. Qvevri
  37. Rtvelisi
  38. Samtavisi Marani
  39. Sanikidze
  40. Satsnakheli
  41. Shalvino
  42. Shumi Winery
  43. Taleri Terraces
  44. Tavankari
  45. Tbilvino
  46. Teliani Valley
  47. Tsitelauri
  48. The Spirit of Georiga
  49. Utskinari
  50. Vakhtang Beruashvili’s Winery
  51. Veleula
  52. Vismino
  53. Winery Georgino
  54. Winery Gremi
  55. Winery Khareba
  56. Winery Melitoni
  57. Winery Rtoni
  58. Winery Shatiri
  59. Winiveria
  60. Winwinari
  61. Zurab Kviriashvili Vineyards

Other companies:

  1. Tabla Nova
  2. Georgian Wine Club
  3. Lepert
  4. LILE
  5. Story by story 
  6. MARIAMI Made in Georgia 
  7. Fotia
  8. Natia DavitelaShvili
  9. Artmani
  10. Chirifruit
  11. Kate Meqerishvili’s Glass art

Family Cellars:


1. Lasha Janelidze

Address: Tbilisi, Village Tsavkisi

Wine: Kakhuri Mtsvane

2. Lasha Chavleshvili

Address: Tbilisi, Kojori

Wine: Saperavi


3. Baqar Narsia

Address: Tbilisi, N8 Prinevsky Str.

Wine: Tavkveri



4. Teona Omarashvili

Address: Tbilisi, 12/16 St. Nikoloz Str.

Wine: Wine Tsinanadali (Rkatsiteli-Mtsvane 85-15%)

             Wine Akura (Rkatsiteli-Mtsvane 75-25%) Qvevry

5. Irakli Gvazava

Address: Tbilisi, Okrokana

Wine: Rkatsiteli


6. Khitiris Marani

Address: Tbilisi, 35 N. Kashakashvili Str.

Wine: Saperavi

7. Tamar Vachadze

Address: Tbilisi, 83 Ilia Chavchavadze Ave.

Wine: Kisi

8. Giorgi Maisuradze, Georgian Wine’s Art  

Address: Tbilisi, 20 Peristsvaleba Str.

Wine: Saperavi

9. Luka Alughishvili

Address: Tbilisi, 53a Chavchavadze Ave.

Wine: Saperavi

10. Irakli Cholobargia

Address: Tbilisi, 68 Abashidze st.

Wine: Pinot White

           Pinot Red


11. Guram Janiashvili

Address: Gurjaani, Village Kalauri

Wine: Khikhvi


12. Levan Sakandelidze, Samisi

Address: Gurjaani, Village Vachnadziani

Wine: Khikhvi

13. Vazha Kasrelishvili

Address: Gurjaani, Village Vachnadziani

Wine: Chitistvala 13

14. Marina Kakiashvili -Riadze

Address: Gurjaani, Village Chumlaki

Wine: Saperavi

15. Ilia Batsashvili

Address: Gurjaani, Village Bakurtsikhe

Wine: Rkatsiteli, Khikhvi

16. Vazha Uzunashvili

Address: Gurjaani, Village Mukuzani

Wine: Mtsvane


17. Konstantine Kochishvili,  Kochishvili Wine Cellar

Address: Telavi

Wine: Saperavi

18. Tako Juruli, Juka-Sano’s Marani 

Address: Telavi, Village Ruispiri

Wine: Rkatsiteli - Ikaltos Rkatsiteli

19. Bakur Molashvili

Address: Telavi, 245 Chavchavadze St

Wine: Khikhvi


             Kisi, Khikhvi

20. Tamar Khvedelidze, Orta

Address: Telavi, Village Shalauri

Wine: Mtsvane

21. Maiam Alughishvili

Address: Telavi, Village Tsinandali

Wine: Saperavi

22. Nikoloz Bregvadze

Address: Lagodekhi ,Village Tsinandali

Wine: Kisi

23. Nodar Latibashvili

Address: Sagarejo, 9 Arakishvili st.

Wine: Shavi Rkatsiteli

24. David Tsankashvili

Address: Sagarejo, Village Kandaura

Wine: Saperavi

25. Vazha Nakhutsrishvili

Address: Sagarejo, Village Khashmi

Wine: Saperavi

26. Ioseb Jimsheladze

Address: Sagarejo, Village Kakabeti

Wine: Saperavi

27. David Kachkachashvili

Address: Sighnaghi, Village Nukriani

Wine: Rkatsiteli

28. Aleksi Chankotadze

Address: Kvareli,  Village Akhalsopeli

Wine: Mtsvane Kakhuri


29. Irakli Getsadze

Address: Mtskheta Village Tserovani

Wine: Tavkveri



30. Nika Okruashvili

Address: Mtskheta

Wine: Kakhuri Mtsvane

31. Levan Kbiltsetskhlashvili

Address: Mtskheta, Village Navazi

Wine: Saperavi


            Rkatsiteli Tsarapi


32. Givi Adeishvili

Address: Mtskheta, Saguramo

Wine: Kisi

33. Nikoloz Kapanadze

Address: Bolnisi, 13 Orizrebi Str.

Wine: Rkatsiteli

34. Tamar Mosiashvili

Address: Bolnisi, Village Khatisopeli

Wine: Tavkveri


35. Avtandil UgrekhelidzeUgrekhelas Marani

Address: Bolnisi, #12 R. Lagidze Str

Wine: Rkatsiteli

36. Guram Avkopashvili, Brothers Cellar

Address: Bolnisi,  N 97 I. Chavchavadze Str.

Wine: Chinuri 90%, Saperavi 10%

37. Tornike Sherazadishvili

Address: Bolnisi,  82 Sulkhan Saba Str.

Wine: Saperavi


38. Gocha Liparteliani, Bolnisi’s Golden Fleece 

Address: Bolnisi, 11 Javakhishvili Str.

Wine: CHinebuli 80%, Rkatsiteli 20%

39. Giorgi Khmelidze, Khmelo’s Marani   

Address: Bolnisi, 15 Chavchavadze Str. 

Wine: Saperavi


40. Nutsa Nozadze, Shano’s Family Winery

Address: Martkopi    

Wine: Budeshurisebri Saperavi

41. David Lashkhi

Address: Tetri Tskaro, Village Asureti

Wine: Asuretuli Tsiteli (Shala)

42. Artur Akopyan

Address: Marneuli, Village Tamarisi

Wine: Saperavi

43. Teimuraz Giuashvili

Address: Gori, Village Khidistavi

Wine: Tavkveri

Chinuri – Goruli Mtsvane

44. Levan Samadalashvili

Address: Gori Village Khidistavi

Wine: Tavkveri

45. Ucha Khakhutashvili

Address: Gori, Tsedisi Village

Wine: Tavkveri

46. David Germanozashvili

Address: Kaspi, Village Kaloubani

Wine: Tavkveri

Goruli Mtsvane

47. Giorgi Tsabolashvili

Address: Zemo Khandaki   

Wine: Chinebuli

48. Besik Karabaki

Address: Zemo Khandaki   

Wine: Danakharuli


49. Nikoloz Khokrishvili

Address: Kartli, Village Lamiskana        

Wine: Rkatsiteli

            Tavkveri -Chinebuli -Goruli Mtsvane

            Chinebuli -Goruli Mtsvane



50. Zura Ghvaladze

Address: Baghdati, Village Meore Obcha

Wine: Tsolikouri


51. Irakli Ghvaladze

Address: Baghdati, Meore Obcha

Wine: Tsitska-Tsolikouri


52. David Leladze

Address: Baghdati, Village Rokhi

Wine: Tsolikouri


53. Mirian Iosebashvili

Address: Baghdati,  Village Fersati

Wine: Kundza

54. Irakli Minadze

Address: Baghdati,  Village Fersati

Wine: Krakhuna Tsitska, Tsolikouri

55. Givi Nemsadze

Address: Baghdati,  Village Fersati

Wine: Tsitska, Tsolikauri

56. Nano Rukhadze

Address: Zestaponi

Wine: Otskhanuri Sapere


57. Giorgi Mshvenieradze

Address: Zestaponi, Tskhentaro Village

Wine: Tsitska-Tsolikouri

58. David Jugheli

Address: Zestaponi, Village Meore Sviri

Wine: Shavi Krakhuna


59. Imeretis Margaliti Winery

Address: Zestaponi, Village Kvaliti

Wine: Ojaleshi

           Otskhanuri Sapere

60. Lasha Lomidze

Address: Zestaponi

Wine: Krakhuna

61. Tsontne Giorgadze

Address: Terjola

Wine: Otskhanuri, Dzelshavi, Tsitska, Tsolikauri

62. Gogi Ugrekhelidze

Address: Terjola

Wine: Otskhanuri Sapere



63. Leri Bardavelidze

Address: Terjola, Zeda Simoneti Village

Wine: Tsitska-Tsolikouri

64. Shengeli Chanturidze

Address: Terjola, Village Zeda Sazano

Wine: Krakhuna

65. Givi Chubinidze

Address: Terjola

Wine: Tsitska

66. Ucha Macharashvili

Address: Sachkhere, Village Makhatauri

Wine: Rko Rose

67. Roin Sadghobelashvili

Address: Sachkhere, Village Chaka

Wine: Rkatsiteli

68. Shalva Sikharulidze

Address: Kutaisi

Wine: Tsitska


69. Malkhaz Murusidze

Address: Kutaisi

Wine: Tsolikouri

70. Otia Ioseliani

Address: Tskaltubo

Wine: Otskhanuri Sapere

71. David Chachanidze

Address: Chiatura

Wine: Tsitska- Tsolikouri




72. Zurab Maisashvili

Address: Ambrolauri, Village Tsesi

Wine: Tsulukidzis Tetra




73. Crebalos Marani

Address: Ambrolauri, Village Chrebalo 

Wine: Tvishi

             Aleksandrouli, Mujuretuli

74. Levan Kmelidze

Address: Tsageri, Village Korenishi      

Wine: Lechumi’s Tsolikouri

75. Isidore Uchadze

Address: Tsageri, Village Utskheri        

Wine: Tsolikouri

76. Giorgi Goletiani

Address: Tsageri, Village Orbeli  

Wine: Ojaleshi


77. Dato Chakvetadze

Address: Tsageri, Village Zubi     

Wine: Tsolikouri

78. Dianoz Kenchadze

Address: Tsageri, Village Orkhevi

Wine: Mtsvane Tsolkauri (Dry)

Mtsvane Tsolkauri (Semy Sweet)

79. Miranda Chkhetiani

Address: Tsageri, Village Tvishi            

Wine: Tsolikouri

80. Tamaz Asatiani

Address: Tsageri, Village Tvishi            

Wine: Tsolikouri Tvishi

81. Davit Turabelidze

Address: Tsageri Village Okureshi        

Wine: Tsolikouri


82. Vakhushti Menabde, Menabdis Marani

Address: Ozurgeti, Village Shemokmedi         

Wine: Chkhaveri

83. Gia Jamberidze

Address: Chokhatauri, Village Goraberezhouli         

Wine: Tsitska-Tsolikouri

84. Teimuraz Sharashidze

Address: Chokhatauri, Village Bukistsikhe               

Wine: Mtevandidi



85. Tariel Kobidze

Address: Chokhatauri, Village Erkreti            

Wine: Chkhaveri (White)

Chkhaveri (Rose)

86. Besik Meparishvili

Address: Chokhatauri, Village Partskhma                

Wine: Chkhaveri (White)

Chkhaveri (Rose)


87. Luka Bibineishvili

Address: Batumi, 49 Sokhumi Str.         

Wine: Chkhaveri

88. Archil Tsintsadze

Address: Batumi, Makhinjauri     

Wine: Ojaleshi

89. Giorgi Davitadze

Address: Batumi, 24 Giorgi Brtskinvale Str.    

Wine: Usakhelouri

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