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Natural Georgian wines in France

On January 29th Georgian winemakers will fly over to France to attend and participate in two important events. First of them is an exhibition in French city Angers, will be held in hotel Penitentes from 31 of January to 1st of February. The event will be attended by Georgian winemakers Iago Bitarishvili, Niki Antadze, John Wurdeman (“Pheasant’s Tears”) and Johnny Oqruashvili (“Okro Wine”), who have been guest of the event for past three years.

Georgian wine will also participated in second, grander international event, which will take place from 2nd to 3rd February. This is an international exhibition of natural wines “La Dive Bouteille”, an event which is held every year, one month after New Year, in French city Saumur. Here a large family of winemakers and wine appreciators gather. Georgian qvevri wine has already found its place. This is clearly demonstrated on the official website of the event: “This family becomes larger every year and unites all – motivated young people, comparatively forgotten winemakers, who may find American uncles, African cousins, Georgian ancestors or Italian brothers”.

This year “La Dive Bouteille” will see the premier of Phlippe Gasnier’s documentary “Origins  of Winemaking”. The movie is about ancient tradition of winemaking in Georgia and Georgian and French winemakers using qvevri wine technology.

On wine festival-exhibition Georgian winemaker, Iago Bitarishvili, will present qvevri  wine from Chinuri grape variety, which had already became famous and was a focus of interest for several important editions (Forbes, The New York Times).  Also of significant popularity is Pheasant’s Tears organic wines, whose diverse products will be presented on exhibition. Company “Okro Wine” will offer the participant of event traditionally made high quality wines, such as Rkatsiteli and Saferavi. Niki Antadze will also present already well known Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane, which always was highly esteemed by wine experts - This was demonstrated by high praise of Mtsvane given by Jancis Robinson in 2012. 

This year with the support of National Wine Agency, Georgian winemakers will represent their country in number of important events. This will result popularization of Georgian wine on International level.

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