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Georgian Qvevri, Vine and Wine at OIV Headquarters, Paris

On April 29 of this year, at OIV Headquarters, major presentation of the Georgian wines was arranged. Event was held for the second time and like previous year, representatives of dip corps and media accredited in France were invited, including wine professionals. Event was really distinguished one, with about 350 guests. Eka Siradze – Delone, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Georgia spoke to the attendees, including Jean–Marie Aurand, General Director of International Organization of Wine and Vine and Giorgi Samanishvili, Chairman of the National Wine Agency of Georgia.  

Eka Siradze – Delone spoke about Georgia as of wine homeland, including ancient winemaking traditions and diversity of the Georgian vine. Jean–Marie Aurand expressed his gratitude towards Georgia, actively participating in yearly events of the International Organization of Wine and Vine, namely, in Vine and Wine International Congress, held in 2010, in Georgia and hosted by Germany this year. . Jean–Marie Aurand underlined the flourishing trends of the Georgian wine and the fact that, today, more small enterprise, companies and independent factories are involved in quality competition and tries to gain its place in local market, in free environment.  

Giorgi Samanishvili, Chairman of the National Wine Agency of Georgia, underlined the fact that the wine is an integral part of the Georgian Culture, History and identity in general. You can find its roots in art – poetry, painting and architecture. At the end of the event, guests enjoyed wine sampling, where wines of 7 companies were presented, including “Chateau Mukhrani”, “Shukhmann Wines Georgia” “Teliani Valley”, “Tbilvino”, “Winery Khareba”, “Telavi Wine Cellar” and “Chelti”. 

This event was the second event, where the Georgian wines were presented in France. In recent week, Cannes hosted the presentation-sampling of the Georgian wine, visited by tens of Sommeliers of Michelin-starred Restaurants.    

As  Giorgi Samanishvili, Chairman of the National Wine Agency of Georgia admits, such events aim to promote Georgian wines, in professional circles of various countries. Under the mutual agreement of the National Wine Agency and International Organization of Wine and Vine, Georgian Wine samplings will be held regularly at Parisian HQ.  

There is also one fact worth to be mentioned, as Giorgi Samanishvili explains for the Wine Informational Center, National Wine Agency will deliver 10 Georgian vine kinds to the International Organization of Vine and Wine; these vine kinds will be included to the diverse vine collection of the Office in Paris. For the future, it is also planned to send Qvevris as well and Organization will make Georgian traditional Qvevri vines from OIV Georgian Collection.    

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