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The 10th New Wine Festival to be held on May 11

The upcoming New Wine Festival is special for the Wine Club: this year marks the 10th Anniversary since the foundation of the Wine Club, and the Festival, to be held on May 11 in Mtatsminda Park, is the 10th one! New Wine Festival 2019 enjoys the support of its long-term partners: Georgian National Wine Agency and Tbilisi City Hall. Information support is provided by the website Marani (vinoge.com), Wine Information Center, radio Utsnobi, Jaco FM. The other respected partners of the event are Mtatsminda Park, g.Vino wine bar and the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia.

The Wine Club is excited to share Anniversary novelties, including the Pre-festival Wine Tasting to be held on May 4, featuring over 10 wines of 2009-2010 to celebrate the tenth birthday of the Club and the Festival.

As always, attendance at the New Wine Festival is free. Anticipate hundreds of new wines, new varieties, new names and impressions!

The new Wine Festival has been established as a truly public holiday over these years, the main purpose of which is to promote the Georgian wine, improve wine education in Georgia and enhance consumer culture. Ever since 2010, the scale of the festival has been increasing, with new family wine cellars and wine companies emerging, eager to introduce their harvests and the products of their work. In 2018, the Festival brought together large, medium and small wine companies, associations and state organizations - more than 200 entities.

It is a big day not only for the wine makers. Georgian and foreign wine professionals and wine writers, wine bars and restaurants, and enthusiasts are looking forward to the Festival. Traditionally, the world's renowned wine masters, sommeliers, importers and wine writers have Festival date (the second Saturday of May) saved in their calendars, in anticipation of the next encounter.

All fans of the Georgian wine are welcome to this year's New Wine Festival in Mtatsminda Park again. On May 11, 11:00 - 18:00, large wine companies, medium and small winemakers of different regions of Georgia, along with family wine cellars, will be happy to offer the Festival guests their best wines of the last harvest (2018). The spirits will stay up even before the Festival date: the Club will have a special tasting dedicated to the double Anniversary on Saturday, May 4, 2009, where only 2009-2010 wines will be presented.

The perks of the New Wine Festival are diversity, discovery of new tastes and the opportunity to learn more about the wine we taste and appreciate, when meeting the winemakers in person.

The new Wine Festival 2019 will start with the traditional Qvevri opening ceremony, accompanied by the Georgian song Mravaljamieri. As a rule, the Qvevri features the best wine made in the family wine cellar, carefully selected by the Wine Club.

The Festival door is open for all guests. They will enjoy good music, fun program, and a lottery with the opportunity to win gift barrels full of best wines.

Conditions for participation for family wine cellars:

All family wine makers are eligible for participation.

The family wine cellars wishing to participate in the Festival must register no later than April 15.

The participant will pass the qualifying round. The special jury of the Wine Club will select the best wines from the samples submitted to the Festival.

Only new wines of the 2018 harvest must be submitted to both the qualification round and the Festival.

Family wine cellars pay GEL 10 for each sample they submit.

Candidates are expected to submit the tasting sample (2 glass bottles) and the filled-out questionnaire.

The final candidates will be identified 10 days before the Festival.

The minimum amount of the wine ready for participation in the Festival is 20 litres.

Please present your samples and the questionnaire to the following address:

45, Vazha-pshavela Avenue, 14th floor, Tbilisi

The Wine Club

Tel: 2180171

Cell: 995 598308688

Samples are accepted on weekdays, 11:00 – 18:00, starting from February 25


E-mail: info@wineclub.ge

Participation terms for wine companies will be published on March 1.

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