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Women interested in viticulture at School of Wine Club

Women have a majority among the certified participants in study course of Viticulture organized by the School of Wine Club. 

The winegrower and winemaker, Mr. Iago Bitarishvili, led the trainings in viticulture held on April 4-5 in the National Agency of Wine. The following topics were discussed during the study course - the essence of organic farming, its basic principles, vine pruning-formation, ways of soil fertility maintenance in ecological viticulture,  mulching the soil surface, the use of plant protection in viticulture and so forth.

Training program included voluntary certification and participants took a test at the end of two-day training. Observing recent training of Wine Club, there is a growing interest of women in such topics as - wine tasting, wine and food pairing. Interest of women in the specific technological and technical problems may be a sign of interesting future trends.

We would like to remind you that the School of Wine Club is operating since 2012 and about 400 people has trained in frames of continuing professional education programs. At first, the program operated within EPI, the USAID program, and this year the National Wine Agency supports it. The number of registered applicants was unprecedented, that is why the demand of all people who wished to attend to the courses could not be satisfied. Trainings will continue during 2015 in different directions such as- how to taste wine, wine offer and service, winemaking, viticulture, wine defects and diseases, wine and food pairing.

The president of Wine Club, Mr. Malkhaz Kharbedia will lead the next training on the topic of wine tasting that will be held on April 18-19.

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