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2015 year – The new Initiatives of the Georgian Wine Club

In 2015 the Georgian Wine Club is intended to offer some new and important initiatives to people interested in wine. Now we are going to focus your attention to those projects, which were implemented with support of the National Wine Agency. The Georgian Wine Club with the partnership of the National Wine Agency plans to build up informational database of the Georgian wine and popularize it, also to increase the level of knowledge about the Georgian wine in society and assist people working in this sphere to gain more qualification and widen professional skills.

Several significant projects were implemented on the base of the club in the previous year with the financial support of the Wine Agency. One of the most important stuff is the newspaper “Marani”, which is the only specialized periodical publication about viticulture and winemaking and has been covering this sphere already for eight years. Should be also mentioned the Georgian wine infographics, giving information about grape varieties, the protected designations of origin, Georgian wine and food matching etc.

The partnership between the Georgian Wine Club and the National Wine Agency will continue in 2015 and these organizations intend to implement various significant projects. Most noteworthy is the creation of the Georgian Wine Informational Centre, regularly informing readers about ongoing processes in the sphere of the Georgian winemaking. The agency will spread news, prepare blitz-interviews, analytical articles, statistics and photo material. The centre will explore and cover the actual challenges of this sphere, will provide with news from export and internal market. The official online platforms of the agency will be: vinoge.com, wineclub.ge, georgianwine.gov.ge.

The specialized educational and popular video shots (with English subtitles) will appear in January for the first time, giving information about the Georgian viticulture and winemaking sphere. These video shots will put together the famous specialists, oenologists, sommeliers, wine journalist etc.

The Georgian Wine Club with support of the National Wine agency has initiated to establish the Wine Consulting Centre, a very helpful source for beginner viticulturists and wine-makers. The centre headed by the winemaker and director of the New Wine Festival Iago Bitarishvili, will give consultations to beginner viticulturists and wine-makers at meetings in different regions as well as in Tbilisi. His consultations will cover different aspects and levels, from the specifics of viticulture and winemaking to legislation issues.

The Information-consulting Centre is going to launch special events and wine tastings for local as well as foreign consumers of the Georgian wine. The aim of this activity is the popularization on the one hand and on another, these events will have researching functions, giving information to centre employees about demands of consumers and investors that will later help National Wine Agency in policy-making. 

In 2015 the Georgian Wine Club will continue with a cycle of professional trainings also. Should be mentioned here that the club is holding such trainings from 2011 and during this period (2011-2014) more than 300 specialists had a chance to expand their qualification.  

The club will offer the following modules to people interested in wine culture. The list of these topics include: the general course of viticulture, wine deceases, how to taste wine, wine and food matching, wine offering and serving. Trainings will be held by professional trainees and certified specialists of WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust).

The National Wine Agency continues supporting the New wine festival, the most important festival of the Georgian Wine Club. 

Finally, with support of the National Wine Agency, the Georgian Wine Club will be arranging free lecture-seminars, business meetings and round table discussions. These series of meetings will be held by practicing winemakers, viticulturists, linguists, oenologists, sommeliers and journalists. The above-mentioned events will be a great opportunity to create a continuous communication between experts, practicing wine-makers and people interested in wine culture, which is vitally important for developing this field.

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